Haverford Township Information Center - Courtesy of 4th Ward Commissioner Dan Siegel

Haverford Partnership for
Economic Development (HPED)

The Haverford Partnership for Economic Development (HPED) is a new non-profit organization in Haverford Township through which government, businesses, and residents collaborate to facilitate business district revitalization throughout the community. Commissioner Siegel is the Board of Commissioners' representative on the Board of HPED. The HPED is comprised of a 12-member Board of Directors, five core committees (Organization, Promotion, Design, Economic Restructuring and Nominations), and an advisory board.

Eventually, the organization plans to employ full-time staff, who can give continuous attention to the details of project management and implementation, and develop and share expertise with business and property owners, public officials, board members of the organization, and others.

Business Districts of Haverford Township include:

Oakmont/Eagle Road
County Line
Pont Reading
Haverford Road
Lancaster Avenue
Darby Road

To learn more about HPED, click here to visit the HPED website.

Click here to read HPED's brochure, "How to Start a Small Business in Haverford Township"

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