Haverford Township Information Center - Courtesy of 4th Ward Commissioner Dan Siegel


PennDOT is responsible for maintaining and repairing all 35 miles of state highways in the Township, including Eagle Road, Darby Road, Manoa Road, West Chester Pike, Lawrence Road, Ellis Road, Marple Road, Darby Creek Road, Wynnewood Road and many others. If you see a pothole on a Township road, contact (610) 446-1000. The Township also notifies PennDOT about potholes and conditions on state roads. The following are the state roads within Haverford Township:

  • Ardmore Avenue
  • Brookline Boulevard
  • Burmont Road
  • College Avenue
  • Coopertown Road
  • County Line Road
  • Darby Road
  • Darby Creek Road
  • Eagle Road
  • Earlington Road
  • Ellis Road
  • Glendale Road
  • Haverford Road
  • Karakung Drive
  • Lancaster Avenue
  • Landover Road
  • Lawrence Road
  • Manoa Road
  • Marple Road
  • Mill Road
  • North Drexel Road
  • Radnor Road
  • Steel Road
  • Township Line
  • West Chester Pike
  • Old West Chester Pike
  • Wynnewood Road

If you see a pothole on a state road, call 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623) or click here to notify PennDOT of your "concern."

Here is PennDOT's explanation of what it considers to be a concern:

"A Concern is something that requires PennDOT attention for resolution such as potholes, drainage issues, or deer carcass removal. A concern should not be submitted for immediate needs or issues that could create safety concerns, like missing signs or roadway hazards. If the concern requires immediate attention, please call 1-800-FIX-ROAD to be connected directly to the county maintenance office in your area."

Click here to visit the PennDOT website for our region.

State Road Paving Plan 2016-2019

PennDOT has announced its 2016-2019 Road Paving Plan. The Township and I are very dissatisfied with the program, which has limited paving scheduled for Haverford Township.

According to the plan, the following roads are scheduled for repaving during the years listed. Because these are state roads, residents should contact their State Representatives and State Senator to voice complaints.

  • 2016 - Lancaster Avenue from Sugartown Road to Old Buck Lane
  • 2017 - Old West Chester Pike from Hilltop Road to West Chester Pike
  • 2018 - Steel Road from Burmont Road to Eagle Road
  • 2018 - Coopertown Road from Darby Road to College Avenue
  • 2019 - Manoa Road from South Eagle Road to Crosshill Road
  • 2019 - Ardmore Avenue from Lawrence Road to County Line Road
  • 2019 - Darby Road from Garrett Road to Ralston Avenue Road

Click here to view the entire Penndot repaving program.

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