2013 Budget & Taxes

Please note that Delaware County is raising the trash dumping fee that the Township pays by an estimated $180,000 in 2013, a 40% fee increase that the County is passing on to the Township rather than raising County taxes. Unfortunately, we at the Township have no one onto whom to pass this cost, and it will be instead an additional increased cost in our 2013 budget.

Click here to read the notice from the County.

The 2013 Haverford Township Budget totals $37,027,312.00, with a 4.52% tax increase.

The major reasons for the tax increase are the following:

• 41% ($180,000) increase for Delaware County Waste management fee
• 3.25% ($202,465) wage increase for uniformed personnel (FOP)
• 4.0% ($609,774) wage increase for non-uniformed personnel
• 2.5% ($300,412) increase in medical benefits
• 100% ($50,000) increase for leaf removal
• 7% ($130,642) for the new Recreation Center/Services

Click here to view the approved/final 2013 budget.

Click here to read the proposed 2013 budget.

Click here to view the 2013 budget presentation from the Township Manager.

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