Doing Business in Haverford Township

One of my goals is to make Haverford Township the community where businesses want to open, and where businesses can thrive. This page contains much of the information, and many of the forms and documents you need to open and maintain a business in Haverford Township.

Opening a Business in Haverford Township

The Township, In conjunction with the Haverford Partnership for Economic Development (HPED), sponsored a program, “How to do Business in Haverford Township,” on Wednesday, September 15, 2010. Below is various information from the program.

Listen to the podcast of “How to Do Business in Haverford Township”

View the PowerPoint presentation of “How to Do Business in Haverford Township”

View HPED Brochure, “How to Start a Small Business in Haverford Township”

Forms for Businesses

Haverford Township Business Regulations

Haverford Township Local Services Tax Regulations

Haverford Township Commercial Use & Occupancy Application

Haverford Township Application for Business License

Haverford Township 2011 Business Privilege & Mercantile Tax Return

Haverford Township 2012 Local Services Tax Returns

Business Tax Information

Business Privilege and Mercantile Taxes – The Mercantile Tax (MT) is assessed on all retail and wholesale related business activities while the Business Privilege (BPT) is assessed on all other business activities. Both taxes are based on gross receipts. Business Privilege taxes are at the rate of 1.5 mills ($1.50 per $1,000) of gross receipts and Mercantile taxes are at the rate of 1.5 mill ($1.50 per $1,000) of gross retail receipts or 1.0 mills ($1.00 per $1,000) of gross wholesale receipts. Returns are due April 15 of each year for activity in the previous calendar year. All questions regarding forms, compliance and collection with the tax should be directed to Keystone Tax Bureau.

Tri-State Financial Group LLC
Station Square One #202
Paoli, PA 19301

Audit and Compliance Program

The Township reserves the right to audit and inspect all books and records of a taxpayer to support the information reported on taxpayer filed returns.

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