Police Crime Mapping Software for the Public

The Police have rolled out our latest information medium, an internet based public access crime mapping site. The site CrimeReports website compiles data from, calls for service and police incidents the department generates and plots them on a map for all to see. The crime mapping website is located at www.crimereports.com and can be accessed, free of charge from any computer or mobile device. The public can use the site to search for multiple categories of incidents across the township or see what reports have occurred on a specific block. They can use the site to search a specific date or look back over a selected period of time for all categories or narrow their search to just one, like burglaries or theft. A link to the website will be added to the Township website in the near future. www.crimereports.com.

The incidents are divided into sixteen different categories. The categories are Homicide, Breaking & Entering, Theft, Theft of Vehicle, Theft from Vehicle, Vehicle Recovery, Sexual Offense, Assault, Property Crimes, Traffic, Fires, Medical Emergency, Proactive Policing and Other There will only be basic information pertaining to incidents reported to police. There will be no names, exact address, arrest information or case dispositions listed. Police incidents will be indicated by colorful icons on the map. Clicking on the icon will open a dialog box which will indicate the date, time and location of the incident along with a report number and Incident title. Users have the ability to customize a search and to control the type of crimes reported. The program also allows the user to view crime trends within a specific area and date range. Archived data up to six months prior to the date of the users query will be available.

Directions to use the site:

1. Log onto any computer with internet access.

2. Enter www.crimereports.com into the address bar

3. When the web page opens up enter in either Havertown,PA or a specific address into the search bar.

4. Click on the Date Range tab located in the upper right corner of the map

5. Choose either 3, 7, 14, 30 days of reports or choose a specific date range by clicking on a start and end date on the calendar (the program holds 6 months of data)

6. Click on the Incident Layers tab
7. Check of the types of incidents you want to have displayed or chose the select all option

A major feature of this program allows any user in the public the ability to register with the site and to receive user specified alerts about incidents or crimes in locations they choose. The public will also have access to see “Megan’s Law” sex offenders published by the Pennsylvania State Police on the Map.

The information provided will be almost real time, as the data is uploaded to the site on a nightly basis. We feel that making this information available to the public will further enhance our crime prevention efforts by allowing residents to be informed of information specific to their neighborhood. This information will allow residents to take a proactive approach to help in reducing crimes throughout the entire community.

Additional information or questions about the program can be obtained by contacting Sergeant Michael Glenn of the Haverford Township Community Policing Unit at 610 853 1298 ext 224.