Radnor-Haverford-Marple Sewer Authority

The RHM Sewer Authority is responsible for providing treatment of all sewage emanating from the Darby Creek Drainage Basis in Radnor, Haverford, Marple, Newtown, and Tredyffrin Townships. The sewage is treated in plants located along the Delaware River in Southwest Philadelphia.

The Radnor-Haverford-Marple Sewer Authority meets four times a year. The Authority consists of two appointees from each of the member Townships, each representative serving five year terms.

RHM Sewage Tank Proposal

The November 2011 RHM Tank Proposal

RHM has proposed constructing a holding tank at the current volleyball court area near Merry Place (Glendale Road). The tank would be almost entirely underground. Click here to view the plans for the tank.

Prior RHM Proposals

The March 2011 RHM Tank Proposal

RHM had previously proposed constructing a 1.5 million gallon holding tank near Genthert Field (off of Glendale Road) to address the problem of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) that occur about twice a year near Merry Place, primarily during wet weather events in late winter and early spring. RHM’s plan calls for pumping sewage into the tank to avert overflows, and releasing it when conditions subside.

Please click here to read the Notes of Testimony (before the Zoning Hearing Board) concerning RHM’s request, which the ZHB denied, to construct a tank that would exceed the Township’s height limitations. Please note that the transcripts cannot be printed or saved (and must be read online) because of the policies of the Court Reporter.

View the plans for the proposed tank at Merry Place.

View a drawing of the proposed tank at Merry Place.

View a different drawing of the proposed tank at Merry Place.

The January 2011 Wet Weather Report

Read the January 2011 RHM Wet Weather Inflow Abatement Program Summary Flow Monitoring Report

Meeting Minutes

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