Business and political signs are often issues of concern in the Township. Please consider my views about these matters:


I oppose any revision to the Township sign ordinance that would allow for the construction of billboards. I voted along with the other Commissioners to authorize the Township solicitor to appear for the Township at the Zoning Hearing Board, and to oppose the challenges to the Constitutionality of the ordinance.

Political Signs

I voted against the revision to the Township’s political sign ordinance because the ordinance, in my opinion, included unconstitutional restrictions on the rights of candidates. In particular, the ordinance limited political signs to no larger than 6 square feet, a restriction that I believe is not reasonable. I believe that the Township should avoid imposing virtually any restrictions on political speech, other than prohibitions against placing signs on rights of way or Township property.

Business/Commercial Signs

One of my goals as Commissioner is to revise the commercial sign ordinance – as to onsite business signs – which I believe is too restrictive and anti-business. Consider Eagle Road and West Chester Pike. Can you easily read the signs on all of the businesses? Or, do you have slow down to try to read the signs. I recognize that the Township desires to have a consistent appearance, but believe that the current ordinance should be revised to enhance and encourage businesses to locate in and remain in the Township. counter on myspace