Snow Removal

Haverford Township’s Public Works Department is responsible for clearing approximately 165 miles of roads during snow storms. The process is time-consuming and expensive. Consequently, the Township utilizes brine and other techniques to pre-treat its roads, and works to clear roads of snow and ice as quickly as possible.

Click here to read the guide to how Haverford Township handles winter storms.

Do Not Shovel Snow Into Roadways

Township Ordinance No. 2629 makes it unlawful for any property owner, resident, contractor, agent or employee to shovel, plow discharge or otherwise place snow into any street, roadway, sidewalk or alley within the Township of Haverford. The Township strictly enforces this ordinance.

Haverford Township Snow Emergency Roads

Section 175-59 of the Township Code prohibits parking on certain streets after the Township has declared a snow emergency. Under the Code, it is unlawful, during the period of such emergency, for any person to park a motor vehicle or tractor, or to allow the vehicle to remain parked, on any highway or portion thereof, or to operate any motor vehicle or tractor on any such highway or portion thereof, unless the vehicle or tractor is equipped with adequate equipment to provide sufficient traction to keep the vehicle or tractor in motion so that other traffic on such highways will not be blocked or seriously impeded.


Below is a list of the Township’s snow emergency roads.

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Name of Highway Side Location
Ardmore Avenue Both Between County Line Road and Darby Road
Burmont Road Both Entire length
College Avenue Both Entire length
Colonial Road Both Entire length
Coopertown Road Both Entire length
Darby Road Both Entire length
Drexel Avenue Both Entire length
Eagle Road Both Entire length
Earlington Road Both Entire length
Glendale Road Both Entire length
Haverford Road Both Entire length
Landover Road South Entire length
Lawrence Road Both Between Eagle Road and West Chester Pike
Manoa Road Both Entire length
Marple Road Both Entire length
Mill Road Both Between Earlington Road and Darby Road
Township Line Road North Entire length
West Chester Pike Both Entire length
Wynnewood Road Both Entire length