Street Light Conversion

The Township has received a $190,000 Department of Energy grant from stimulus funds. The grant, which had to be used for energy-efficiency programs, will be applied to the street light conversions required in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Action Plan adopted by the Commissioners. As a result, the Township has targeted mercury vapor lights for replacement; they are no longer being produced because of the biohazard they cause in landfills. In addition, LED and induction lights are more energy efficient, which provides the dual benefit of saving operation costs and reducing the Township’s carbon footprint.

The Township will notify residents who live near the first groups of lights to be converted. In addition, the contractor performing the work has been consulting with the Township’s Engineer and staff to measure existing light levels and to make certain that the modified street light system meets safe and uniform illumination standards.

Click here to view the street light conversion map.

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