I receive more calls and email about traffic than any other subject. It is a problem. It is a difficult problem. Where appropriate, I work with residents and the Police Department to address the issues. If you have a concern about traffic in your neighborhood, please feel free to contact me. Please understand, however, that not every situation has an easy answer.

Click here to read Penndot’s November 4, 2010 letter explaining why it does not agree that traffic improvements are needed at:

Earlington and Devon Roads
Brookline Boulevard
Lawrence Road
Lawrence and Ellis Roads

Eagle, Darby & Lawrence Roads

As a resident who lives on Marilyn Drive (which is adjacent to Lawrence Road) and whose offices are located on Eagle Road (across from Rita’s Water Ice), I am extremely concerned with the traffic that plagues the Township, especially Darby, Eagle and Lawrence Roads (which literally circle the 4th Ward). The intersections of Lawrence & Eagle Roads, and Eagle & Darby Roads are particularly jammed and cry out for help.

I am working with Township, and state and local officials to address these traffic problems — which could worsen with eventual development of the now vacant Bubble Gum Factory on Eagle Road. I welcome everyone’s input. Please call or email me with ideas, suggestions, etc.

Speed Bumps/Traffic Calming

I receive many requests for speed bumps on local streets. In order to install speed bumps/humps (commonly called “traffic calming” devices) we must follow a procedure.

The Township is considering a new ordinance for speed humps. Click here to read the ordinance.

Also, any speed humps on Township roads (we can’t install them on state highways) must meet specific criteria. Click here to read Penndot’s Traffic Calming Handbook.

Delaware County Transportation Plan

Delaware County has released its Transportation Plan, which outlines a long-range strategy for Delaware County. The plan outlines planned actions consistent with the Delaware County comprehensive plan.

Click here to read the transportation plan.