Trees/Shade Trees

A public shade tree is a tree in the Township right of way, which includes the strip of grass between the street and sidewalk, as well as trees close to the other side of the sidewalk (the exact width of the right of way is determined by the Township Code and varies from street to street).

Report a Concern About Tree Work

If you have any questions or concerns about tree removal or pruning in your neighborhood, contact the Township Codes Department at (610) 446-1000 or Commissioner Siegel.

Shade Tree Commission

The Shade Tree Commission is one of the Township advisory boards that offer guidance to residents, township officials and the Board of Commissioners as needed. The Commission believes that the following information important things should be shared with all homeowners.


Townships no longer license companies that do tree work; instead, these companies are now licensed by the State. When you hire a company to do tree work, ask to see its
state license. If you have any difficulties with the company or its work, you should know that the Township is no longer involved. Therefore, you will have to contact the State
Attorney General if you have any difficulties with a particular company. If the State has not licensed the company, your recourse could be limited.

When you are thinking about hiring a company for tree work, you might consider a company certified by the International Society of Arborists (ISA) which employs ISA Certified Arborists. These Arborists have passed an industry standardized test and have pledged to do tree work that meets current safety, pruning, and business standards.


Our public shade trees are protected by Haverford Township’s Shade Tree Ordinance because they provide many important benefits to our community: raising property values, managing storm water, cooling the surrounding environment in the summer and lowering energy use, and providing food and shelter to animals within the ecosystem.

If you want to trim or remove a public shade tree you will need to go to the Codes Department at the Township Building and get a permit for the work. You need to have a suitable reason for its removal (diseased, dangerous or, dead are acceptable reasons; personal preference is not). If you remove a tree without a permit, you may be cited by the Township and be responsible for the replacement costs. If you remove a shade tree that is more than 24 inches in diameter, you will be obligated to plant new trees to compensate for the tree that has been cut down. The total number of trees planted should equal the diameter of the original tree.


If you are planning to develop a piece of land and will be removing trees during development, carefully read the Township Codes regarding tree removal (for example, 170-6 B is a useful section). The Code spells out the information developers need to provide to the Shade Tree Commission for review before work starts on the building site.

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