West Chester Pike (& The Blue Route I-476)

Road Improvements at  Lawrence Road & West Chester Pike

PennDOT has been awarded a $2.8 million grant to improve the intersection of Lawrence Road and West Chester Pike, and the northbound Blue Route on-ramp. The grant culminated 18 months of work that involved Commissioner D’Emilio, me and numerous state and local officials, including y State Senator Daylin Leach, current and former State Representatives – Jamie Santoro, Greg Vitali, Mike Zabel, former Township Manager Larry Gentile, current Township Manager Dave Burman, Township Engineer Dave Pennoni, Assistant Police Chief Joe Hagan, Assistant Township Manager Aimee Cuthbertson and many more people.

The improvements, expected to be completed in late 2021, will include creation of a dedicated lane onto the Blue Route without stopping at Lawrence Road in Marple, creation on an additional westbound lane on West Chester Pike, creation of a new northbound on-ramp to the Blue Route west of the current ramp, and other improvements.


Retail Development in Marple Township

Plans are moving forward in Marple Township for an enormous retail development adjacent to the Blue Route between Lawrence Road and West Chester Pike. Haverford Township has only received limited information about the project. Recently, the Marple Township Planning Commission held a public hearing, at which representatives of the development displayed drawings of the proposed development. In addition, the Township has been provided copies of the plans for the reconstruction of the intersection of West Chester Pike and Lawrence Road that will coincide with the development. I will continue to provide updates about the development.

Click here to view the Marple Township Planning Commission exhibits presented by the developer.

Click here to view the plans for the reconstruction of the intersection of West Chester Pike and Lawrence Road.


West Chester Pike Coalition

The West Chester Pike Coalition is a group of corridor stakeholders that has emerged from recent planning efforts along West Chester Pike. Both Chester and Delaware County staff have taken an active role in organizing and leading this coalition, which includes representatives from SEPTA, PennDOT, TMACC, DCTMA, corridor municipalities, and local economic development agencies.

Although the coalition was formed to continue to advocate for transit enhancements, its mission is deliberately broad so as to recognize the connections between transportation and land use and encourage the participation of a broad range of stakeholders united in their efforts to improve mobility for all along West Chester Pike.

Click here to read the Minutes of the January 30, 2018 coalition meeting.

Click here to visit the Coalition’s website.