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About the Haverford Township Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board was established in accordance with the provisions of Article IX of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, as amended. The membership of the Zoning Hearing Board is appointed by the Board of Commissioners consistent with the provisions of § 4-607 et seq. of the Township Administrative Code. Any Board member may be removed for malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance in office or for other just cause by a majority vote of the Board of Township Commissioners, taken after the member has received 15 days’ advance notice of the intent to take such a vote. A hearing shall be held in connection with the vote if the member shall request it in writing. All meetings of the Zoning Hearing Board shall be open to the public.

The Board elects its officers, who serve annual terms and may succeed themselves. For the conduct of any hearing and the taking of any action, a quorum shall be not less than a majority of all the members of the Board, but where two members are disqualified to act in a particular matter, the remaining member may act for the Board. As provided for by the Planning Code, the Board may appoint a hearing officer from its own membership to conduct any hearing on its behalf, and the parties may waive further action by the Board as provided in § 182-1003A.

The Zoning Hearing Board keeps minutes of its proceedings, showing the vote of each member upon each question or, if absent or failing to vote, indicates this fact. It also keeps records of its examinations and other official actions, all of which are filed in the office of the Township Manager and are public records. The Zoning Hearing Board is also required to submit a report of its activities to the Board of Township Commissioners once a year.

The Board hears and decides appeals where it is alleged by the appellant that the Zoning Officer has failed to follow prescribed procedures or has misinterpreted or misapplied any provision of this chapter or of the Zoning Map or any valid rule or regulation governing the action of the Zoning Officer.

The Board hears requests for variances where it is alleged that the provisions of this chapter inflict unnecessary hardship upon the applicant, subject to the standards prescribed by law and contained in § 182-1004A.

The Board hears and decides requests for special exceptions where a special exception may be granted or denied by the Board in accordance with express standards and criteria contained in the Tonwship Code.

The Board also hears challenges to the validity of the zoning Code or to the Zoning Map which properly come before the Board in accordance with the Planning Code and shall take evidence, decide contested questions, make findings on all relevant issues of fact and make a record thereof as prescribed by the Code.

The Board also hears unified appeals relating to any Township ordinance which are brought before the Board in conjunction with a zoning matter over which the Board has jurisdiction in accordance with the requirements of Section 913.1 of the Planning Code.

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